Board of Trustees

Bishop Grimes is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of members of the clergy, community leaders, alumni, and parents.  The Board is responsible for ensuring a comprehensive and effective system of governance in support of the school’s mission and vision.

Board of Trustees

Trustee E-Mail
Rev. Christopher J. Ballard
Dan Cummings
Mary Ann Donnelly, Esq.
Charles Falgiatano (Class of 1990)
Henry W. Fust
James Kane (Class of 1972)
Richard J. Kane (Class of 1987)
Rev. Msgr. Richard M. Kopp
Joseph T. Mancuso, Esq.
John F. Martin
James J. O’Shea, Esq. (Class of 2001)
Christiane Marthe Pagé
Brian M. Schultz
Rev. Christopher R. Seibt (Class of 2003)
Patrick Shandorf (Class of 2002)
  • Faculty Representative:  Ms. Marni Nolan
  • Parent Representative: Mrs. Lisa Coppola, BGPO President


  • Henry W. Fust – Chair
  • Joseph T. Mancuso – Vice Chair
  • James J. O’Shea – Secretary
  • Brian M. Schultz – Treasurer



  • Henry Fust (Chair)


  • Brian Schultz (Chair)


  • Joseph Mancuso (Chair)

Governance, Policy, Nominating and Leadership

  • Mary Ann Donnelly (Chair)


  • James Kane (Chair)


  • Dan Cummings (Chair)


  • Henry Fust (Chair)

Catholic Mission and Identity

  • Rev. Christopher Ballard (Chair)

Academic and Student Affairs

  • Richard Kane (Chair)


  • James O’Shea (Chair)