Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty/ Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Department E-Mail
Anderson Dale Cafeteria Manager danderson@syrdiocese.org
Appleton David Math* dappleton@syrdiocese.org
Ashley Michael Foreign Language mashley@syrdiocese.org
Bearer Sharon Foreign Language* sbearer@syrdiocese.org
Belge Michele Development & Alumni Associate mbelge@syrdiocese.org
Berler Kevin Science kberler@syrdiocese.org
Breen Jeff Maintenance jbreen@syrdiocese.org
Brisson Ashley Social Studies abrisson@syrdiocese.org
Capponi Peter Theology* & Social Studies pcapponi@syrdiocese.org
Cifonelli John Athletic Director* jcif@syrdiocese.org
Collins Sue Admissions Director* scollins@syrdiocese.org
DiBello Jeremy Tuition Accounts Manager jdibello@syrdiocese.org
Doss Robert Technology & Broadcasting rdoss@syrdiocese.org
Edick Sue ESM Resource sedick@syrdiocese.org
Eichelberger Kate Theology keichelberger@syrdiocese.org
Evans Alane Guidance Secretary aevans@syrdiocese.org
Foster Jennifer English & Reading jfoster@syrdiocese.org
Freitag, CSJ Sister Rosemarie Library & Bookstore srmf@syrdiocese.org
Giblin Tina Cafeteria Aide  tgiblin@syrdiocese.org
Gleason Paula Controller pgleason@syrdio.org
Goode Barbara School Nurse bgoode@syrdiocese.org
Havener Jeffrey Math jhavener@syrdiocese.org
Hemsley Paul Science phems@syrdiocese.org
Hendrick Cathleen Library Media Specialist* chendrick@syrdiocese.org
Higman Molly Science mhigman@syrdiocese.org
Howe Melissa General Music & Chorus mhowe@syrdiocese.org
Kammerer Jason Band & Instrumental Music jkammerer@syrdiocese.org
Kelley Mary Beth English & Reading mbkelley@syrdiocese.org
Kinne Patrick Assistant Principal pkinne@syrdiocese.org
Kinne Sarah Spanish & Reading skinne@syrdiocese.org
Lenish John Health & Physical Education jlenish@syrdiocese.org
Mackey Catherine Theology cmackey@syrdiocese.org
McKenney Rebecca Guidance Counselor* rmckenney@syrdiocese.org
McKenney Robert (Bob) Physical Education* bmckenney@syrdiocese.org
Medeiros Marnie Admissions Associate mmedeiros@syrdiocese.org
Moss Julie Social Studies & Administration jmoss@syrdiocese.org
Musto Jackie ADA-PEP Counselor jmusto@syrdiocese.org
Nolan Brian Principal bnolan@syrdiocese.org
Nolan Marni Social Studies* mnolan@syrdiocese.org
Pitonzo Linda Main Office Secretary & Registrar lpitonzo@syrdiocese.org
Plantz Gloria Cafeteria Aide gdemore@syrdiocese.org
Puma Tony Math tpuma@syrdiocese.org
Purcell Kayla Art* & Yearbook Advisor kpurcell@syrdiocese.org
Rivenburgh Catherine Special Ed. & Testing Center* crivenburgh@syrdiocese.org
Rockwell Steven Art srockwell@syrdiocese.org
Salisbury Joanna Executive Assistant jsalisbury@syrdiocese.org
Schad Ashlea Director of Development & Alumni Relations* aschad@syrdiocese.org
Schmidt Tim English & Reading tschmidt@syrdiocese.org
Schultz Kathy Attendance Officer & Admissions Associate kschultz@syrdiocese.org
Schultz Mary Theology mschultz@syrdiocese.org
Scro Anthony Math ascro@syrdiocese.org
Welych Michael Chemistry* mwelych@syrdiocese.org
* denotes Department Head

Homeroom Teachers

Grade 7

Teacher Homeroom
Mrs. Brisson 207
Miss Higman 210
Mrs. Kelley 216

Grade 8

Teacher Homeroom
Mrs. Foster 217
Ms. Schultz  218
Mr. Capponi 220

Grade 9

Teacher Homeroom
Mrs. Eichelberger 222
Mr. Hemsley 224
Mr. Puma 226

Grade 10

Teacher Homeroom
Mr. Appleton 228
Mr. Scro 229
Mr. Rockwell 236

Grade 11

Teacher Homeroom
Mr. Ashley 150
Mr. Kammerer 153
Ms. Howe (AM) / Mr. Berler (PM) 155

Grade 12

Teacher Homeroom
Mr. Schmidt 141
Mrs. Bearer 143
Mrs. Kinne 147

Office Directory

Department Name Telephone Number
Principal Mr. Brian Nolan (315) 437-0356
Assistant Principal Mr. Patrick Kinne (315) 437-0356
Assistant Principal Mrs. Julie Moss (315) 437-0356
Attendance Office Mrs. Kathy Schultz (315) 463-8917
Athletics Mr. John Cifonelli, Athletics Director (315) 463-0990
Admissions Mrs. Susan Collins, Admissions Director                      

Mrs. Kathy Schultz, Admissions Associate

Mrs. Marnie Medeiros, Admissions Associate

(315) 314-7157 ext. 143
Controller Mrs. Paula Gleason, Controller (315) 470-1452
Development & Alumni Relations Mrs. Ashlea Schad, Director of Development & Alumni Relations                                                                                

Mrs. Michele Belge, Development Associate

(315) 314-7157 ext. 167
Main Office Mrs. Joanna Salisbury, Executive Assistant                      

Mrs. Linda Pitonzo, Main Office Secretary & Registrar

(315) 437-0356
Tuition Accounts Mr. Jeremy DiBello (315) 470-1452
Health Office Mrs. Barbara Goode, R.N. (315) 477-4625
Guidance   Ms. Rebecca McKenney, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Jackie Musto, ADA-PEP Counselor

Mrs. Alane Evans, Guidance Secretary 

(315) 463-8133
Library Media Center Mrs. Cathleen Hendrick, Library Media Specialist

Sister Rosemarie Freitag, CSJ, Library Assistant

(315) 431-0610