Syracuse University Project Advance

Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) is a premier cooperative partnership linking Syracuse University with Bishop Grimes.  This partnership increases electives available to our juniors and seniors and will offer another way for Bishop Grimes students to gain college credits while still in high school at a greatly reduced cost.

  • Through this partnership, qualified seniors have the opportunity to enroll in Syracuse University courses for college credit. Teachers who have qualified through SUPA as SU adjunct instructors teach enhanced concurrent enrollment university courses in high schools during the school day.

SUPA Offers High School Students the Following Advantages:

  • College Preparation—Studies show that SU concurrent enrollment courses offered through Project Advance provide a unique opportunity for college-bound seniors to see how well they will transition from high school to college and to gauge their ability to do typical first-year college work.
  • Receiving Recognition—More than 90% (+/- 2% in any given year) of SUPA graduates who send an official SU transcript or attend SU receive college recognition—credit, placement, and/or exemption—for completed SU coursework.
  • Great Expectations—Data suggests that SUPA graduates are highly motivated achievers. To college admissions officials, such students are desirable, low-risk prospects who are unlikely to drop out, seldom seek time-shortened degrees, and often go on to graduate study.
  • Greater Challenges—SUPA offers genuine SU courses, so the coursework is more demanding than high school coursework. Students are expected conceptualize and draw conclusions from reading and research. As a result, SUPA graduates tend to be more adaptable, self-actuated, reflective, and innovative. College ready, in other words!

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