Forms and Procedures

No athlete will be allowed to participate until all procedures are followed. Download and print the Athletics Office Required Paperwork Packet below.

Athletics Office Required Paperwork

All paperwork in this packet must be completed and submitted to the Athletics Office. This packet contains the Bishop Grimes Athletics Sign-up Procedures, Athletics Department Permission Form, and Rules and Policies for all Student Athletes.

The completed forms listed below must be submitted to our school nurse.

  • Physical Examination Form – A physical examination is valid for one year and must be on file in nurse’s office.
  • Health History Form – Form must be completed for each season, signed and given to nurse. The nurse will give the student a clearance form to give to the coach.
  • Medication Order and Authorization Form – Completion of this form is mandatory for athletes whose health care provider prescribes an Epi Pen for a bee sting allergy or an inhaler for asthma.

Payment to the Athletic Director

Students will receive a verification of payment receipt which will then be given to the coach by the student.

Athletics Fees For 2016-17
Grades 7-8: $200.00
Grades 7-8
Playing Football:
Grades 9-12: $225.00
Grades 9-12
Playing Football:

All Athletics fees must be paid before a student-athlete can be included on a team roster.