March 15th is SMART Aid Deadline

Deadline to apply for SMART Aid is March 15. Families who are seeking tuition assistance for the 2017-2018 school year must file their SMART Aid application by March 15. This is a hard deadline, and it must be adhered to as there are a record number of families asking for tuition assistance. In order to be able to provide families tuition assistance, we must have this form completed and filed with SMART Aid by the March 15 deadline. Failure to submit a SMART Aid application will result in the loss of any type of tuition assistance for next school year. This application is used in determining TAP A awards from the Diocese of Syracuse as well as additional available financial assistance from Bishop Grimes. Please note the following:

1. The application fee is $22.00 and is payable at the time the application is submitted. Families with students in multiple schools need only submit one application for all children. Each child and his/her school is able  to be listed on the application.

2. Filing your application on-line will ensure that you do not miss the deadline and takes less time to process than paper applications.

3. If your family does not have access to a computer, you may schedule an appointment with Mr. Jeremy DiBello (M-F, 8:30 – 3:00) to assist you with the filing of your application. Please give Mr. DiBello a call to set up an appointment so that he can help you. Mr. DiBello can be reached at or 315-437-0356.

4. If your family has a computer, but not a scanner to upload your supporting documents, please contact Mr. DiBello who can assist you in scanning your documents and uploading them to your application.

The SMART Aid application can be accessed online at The School ID for Bishop Grimes is 11503.  Please make note of your application number after you submit it. If you need to contact SMART Aid, you will need this number.

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