Student Supply Lists


Parents can also access the supply lists for Bishop Grimes using Amazon’s School Supply Lists. Click below for the links to our Amazon school supply lists where you can click and buy your child’s school supplies from the comfort of your home! (Please note in order to use Amazon School Lists, you must have an Amazon account created.)

7th Grade School Supplies

8th Grade School Supplies (Non-Accelerated students)

8th Grade School Supplies (Accelerated Math students)

8th Grade School Supplies (Accelerated Science students)

8th Grade School Supplies (Accelerated Math & Science students)

High School Courses

Art & Music

Art I Art I Supply List
Painting Painting Supply List
Advanced 2-D Art Advanced 2-D Art Supply List
Beginner Band Beginner Band Supply List
Foundations of Musical Theater FOML Supply List
Music Theory Music Theory Supply List


Graphics & Web Design Graphics & Web Design Supply List
Broadcasting Broadcasting Supply List
AP Computer Science Principles Supply list will be distributed at start of school year.


English 9 English 9 Supply List
English 10 English 10 Supply List
English 11 English 11 Supply List
English 12 Electives & AP English English 12 & AP English Supply List

Foreign Language

French II, French III, French IV, French V French II, French III, French IV, French V Supply List
Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV, Spanish V Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV, Spanish V Supply List
Spanish IR (9th – 12th Grades) High School Spanish Supply List


Health 10 Health 10 Supply List


Algebra I Algebra I Supply List
Geometry Geometry Supply List
Algebra II Algebra II Supply List
Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus Supply List
Advanced Pre-Calculus Advanced Pre-Calculus Supply List
AP Calculus AB & BC AP Calculus Supply List
Statistics Statistics Supply List
Business Math Business Math Supply List
AP Statistics AP Statistics Supply List


Theology 9 Theology 9 Supply List
Theology 10 Theology 10 Supply List
Theology 11 Theology 11 Supply List
Theology 12 Theology 12 Supply List


Earth Science Earth Science Supply List
Living Environment Living Environment Supply List
Chemistry (Regents & Non-Regents) Chemistry (Regents & Non-Regents) Supply List
Physics (Regents & Applied) Physics (Regents & Applied) Supply List
Environmental Science Environmental Science Supply List
SUPA Biology (College Biology) College Biology Supply List
AP Physics AP Physics Supply List

Social Studies

Global 9 Global 9 Supply List
Global 10 Global 10 Supply List
U.S. History 11 U.S. History 11 Supply List
SUNY OCC History Courses SUNY OCC History Courses Supply List
Government & Economics Government & Economics Supply List
Psychology Psychology Supply List
AP Psychology AP Psychology Supply List
Holocaust Holocaust Supply List
Business Law Business Law Supply List
SUNY OCC Sociology SUNY OCC Sociology