High School Requirements

For high school graduation requirements, please refer to the chart below.  School counselors are available to assist students at any time.

Minimum High School Graduation Requirements

Required “Core” Subjects Credits Years of Study
Theology 4.0 credits* 4 years*
English/Language Arts 4.0 credits 4 years
Social Studies 4.0 credits 4 years
Mathematics 4.0 credits 4 years
Science 4.0 credits 4 years
Languages Other than English 4.0 credits 4 years
Art or Music 2.0 credit 2 years
Physical Education 2.0 credits                  (0.5 credits/year) 4 years
Health 0.5 credit 1/2 year
Psychology 0.5 credit 1/2 year
Electives 2.5 credits Varies
Total Credits 32.0 credits
*Students transferring to Bishop Grimes after 9th grade are only responsible for their grade level Theology credits. For example, if a student enters in 10th grades, he/she would be need Theology credits for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.


In addition to the listed requirements, all students must take a minimum number of units (credits) each year as follows:

Grade Credits
9th 8.5 credits
10th 8.5 credits
11th 7.5 credits
12th 7.5 credits

Finally, all students must complete a required number of service hours each year. Service hours are tracked by Theology Department members. It is a student’s responsibility to complete and keep track of his/her required hours. Service hours should be turned in using this sheet.

Grade Required Service Hours
9th 20 hours
10th 20 hours
11th 28 hours
12th 28 hours

Regents Exam Requirements

Regents Diploma Advanced Regents Diploma
Foreign Language  Proficiency Foreign Language Regents Equivalent Exam
One Regents Math Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II
One Regents Science Two Regents Sciences (1 Life Science & 1 Physical Science)
Global History Global History
United States History and Government United States History and Government
English/Language Arts English/Language Arts

Honors course credit is available upon request. Outside of core subjects, all courses are subject to enrollment requirements.

Note: Students can take Band every day or Chorus every day in addition to individual lessons.

Recommended Testing

Juniors and seniors are strongly advised to take SAT 1, SAT subject tests, and ACT tests which are given throughout the school year. Bishop Grimes administers the ACT and SAT tests each spring.

To take any of these tests at other school sites, please consult the appropriate website: www.actstudent.org and http://www.collegeboard.com.