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I’m… The Future

Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting the Bishop Grimes I’m Worth It Campaign. This campaign for scholarship support seeks to raise $1,000,000 to support our current student scholarships, as well as create an endowed scholarship fund providing a sustainable assurance that students from all economic backgrounds have the opportunity to benefit from the Bishop Grimes experience.

With your support, we will be able to continue the rich history of Bishop Grimes for decades to come, providing enhanced experiences to students who otherwise would not be afforded the opportunity.

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I’m… Connected

To My Family

“At Bishop Grimes, my dad serves on the Board of Trustees, my mom participates on the Booster Club and my brother graduated from BG last year. Family connections at Bishop Grimes create a sense of community.”

To My Teachers

“The teachers at Bishop Grimes motivate me and give me the tools necessary to be a positive member of society. They care about all of the students, regardless of if they have them in class or not. Our educators take pride in teaching.”

To The Community

“Community and service projects are an important part of the Bishop Grimes education. These projects have allowed me to be exposed to many different aspects of life and society, preparing me for my future with college, career, and life.”

To The Alumni

“Alumni experiences show us, as students, where we could go after Commencement and what opportunities there are to pursue. Alumni pave the way for future generations of students like myself.”

Kendall Mancuso, Class of 2018
High Honor Student

I’m… Prepared

I’m… Ready To Give

“We choose to invest in the I’m Worth It campaign because it will help the long term sustainability of Bishop Grimes. As an alumnus, parent, and current JV boys’ basketball coach, I see firsthand the difference Bishop Grimes makes on young adults, providing the resources they need to become successful later in life. This campaign will provide opportunities for more children to attend Bishop Grimes, giving them the opportunity for a positive and productive, faith-based Catholic educational experience.”

Charlie Falgiatano, Class of 1990
Member Board of Trustees


The first phase of Bishop Grimes’ plan includes distinguishing the school with increased
enrollment by providing scholarship support and tuition assistance to students and families in need. Through the completion of the Bishop Grimes I’m Worth It Campaign, we will be able to provide individualized attention to students to ensure their successful futures.


While Bishop Grimes has made great strides to enhance technology throughout the school, particularly in the last decade, it is a constant need that our students directly benefit from on a daily basis. We currently offer communication courses with our BGTV studio, inclusive of a green screen. In the summer of 2016 Bishop Grimes did a $250,000 upgrade installing projectors, screens and speakers in each classroom. The future of Bishop Grimes is constantly evolving and we want to ensure that we are on the forefront for technology and providing these opportunities to our students.

  1. Computer Lab Update
    We would like to update the computers in the computer lab attached to the library to be able to offer AP courses in Computer Sciences to our students. We would be one of the first schools in the state to offer these types of AP courses and it would increase enrollment for students who will benefit from these opportunities.
  2. Smart Boards
    We currently have five SMART Boards, one in a science lab, and each math classroom has one. Through the technology phase in the future we would like all classrooms to be equipped with SMART Board technology for a more interactive learning environment which appeals to prospective students.
  3. Chromebooks
    Students in grades 7-8 currently receive a Chromebook to utilize throughout the year with classroom assignments, projects and studying. In the next five years we hope to have Chromebooks available for all Bishop Grimes students to allow for flexibility, opportunities to work on assignments at home, and build on their technology skills preparing them for their future education and careers.


Since opening our doors in 1966, Bishop Grimes has not seen many renovations to enhance the physical space of the school. While it’s been well maintained, you would find that upon entering, it looks the same as it did in 1966. One of the main priorities for the future will be renovating the front and rear entrances to enhance the physical space, while incorporating technology to make ourselves more marketable to prospective students and families.

Entrance Lobby
General Construction Costs: $118,000

Includes construction, heating, ventilation, technology enhancements, furnishings, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and fire protection. Also will include new signage for concessions and wall mounted televisions.

Athletic Lobby (Rear Entrance)
General Construction Costs: $271,000

Includes construction, heating, ventilation, restroom renovations, technology enhancements, furnishings, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and fire protection.

Why is Bishop Grimes embarking on a major capital campaign?

The Bishop Grimes I’m Worth It Campaign will secure funding to support students and families in need of tuition assistance to help increase enrollment now, as well as create an endowment allowing Bishop Grimes the ability to become a sustainable, independent Catholic school system. Scholarship support is a critical component which will provide access to more students and will ensure and enhance a strong, high-quality education for all students now and even more in the future.

Is the Diocese fully supportive of catholic education in the western region?

Absolutely. Bishop Grimes is decentralized from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse. The joint effort of the Diocese and the Bishop Grimes community reinvented the way our school operates.

A fully independent Board of Trustees has been sanctioned by the Diocese and created. They have worked over the last three years to create a sustainable business model, through increased enrollment and philanthropic engagement, helping to create a strategic vision for the school. This vision is founded on core values, community, and academic excellence. As we become more self-sustaining, the Diocese is committed to helping us financially. For all of our years to come we will have the full and unwavering support of our mission to offer a high-quality, Catholic based education.

Will Bishop Grimes be able to increase enrollment and ultimately achieve financial independence?

We are continually committed to growing the enrollment footprint at Bishop Grimes. We have been able to continue those efforts through sound enrollment management tactics, which include activities such as: student shadow days, family tours, open houses, and concierge-style follow up. We hosted our 25th annual Academic Games celebration in 2017, with over 300 prospective students participating. We are also engaged in enrollment management strategies, such as our international program, which will continue to grow our institution.

With new approaches to recruitment and retention, we look to increase enrollment by 11% for academic year 2017-2018. Additionally, we have a waiting list for our international program. With the help of this campaign, Bishop Grimes will be financially independent by 2020.

How did Bishop Grimes determine a campaign goal of $1 million?

With the creation of the Bishop Grimes Board of Trustees and the hiring of development consultants, we were able to determine a goal that is both attainable and will make a tremendous impact on the Bishop Grimes community. The $1 million goal will mark the largest campaign goal in Bishop Grimes’ history. It will provide much needed tuition assistance now to increase enrollment, while securing a strong future for Bishop Grimes with an endowment.

Who will be asked to support the Bishop Grimes I’m worth it campaign?

All members of the Bishop Grimes family i.e. alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, friends, faculty, staff, and school board members.

There are a variety of ways to make a significant gift to the I’m Worth It Campaign. This document illustrates some of the ways in which you can fulfill your philanthropic interests and perhaps advance your personal and estate-planning objectives while providing support for
the campaign.

Gifts of Cash

Support through cash and/or check shall be accepted regardless of their amount. All checks shall be made payable to Bishop Grimes. Any checks made payable to an employee, agent or volunteer of the organization will not be accepted as a gift to the organization.


All securities that are traded on the New York and American Stock Exchanges, the NASDAQ, and other major U.S. Exchanges shall be accepted. The value of a gift of regularly traded securities will be the mean of the high and low of the stock(s) or bond(s) on the day the transfer is effected by the donor to the organization.


Cash bequests represent an important potential source of gifts. Direct, unencumbered bequests provide Bishop Grimes the full value of the bequest and provides the testator’s estate with a charitable deduction for the same value. Attempts shall be made to discover bequest plans whenever possible in order to determine whether inappropriate non-cash items have inadvertently been left to the organization so the donor can be advised how to conform his or her plans to Bishop Grimes’ policy.

There are four ways that a bequest can be made to Bishop Grimes:

  1. A fixed amount of cash or securities or a percentage of the estate can be given.
  2. In a residual bequest, after other beneficiaries receive a designated portion of the estate, the remainder of the estate is left to Bishop Grimes.
  3. A contingent bequest can be made where Bishop Grimes will receive a portion of the estate only if the named beneficiaries predecease the maker of the bequest. This form is often selected by those who must provide for younger family members.
  4. A testamentary trust bequest creates a trust and the income or stated amount is paid to the beneficiaries. On their death, Bishop Grimes receives the use of the gift. This option may actually increase life income for beneficiaries, since it reduces the amount of the estate subject to estate taxes.

Gifts By Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts are separate legal entities, and their obligations are limited to their assets. Trusts file their own returns and make all payments from their assets and must have a federal trust number, making payments to beneficiaries under strictly hierarchical rules.

Gifts By Life Insurance

Life insurance may be given to the organization. Bishop Grimes encourages donors to name the organization to receive all or a portion of the benefits of life insurance policies that they have purchased on their lives. New or existing policies may be given outright or the organization can be named the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy.

Bishop Grimes will accept fully paid life insurance policies in which the donor has named the organization to receive all or a portion of the benefits of the insurance policy. The donor’s tax consequences hinge on whether the policy’s ownership has been endorsed over to the organization and whether the benefits have been irrevocably assigned to Bishop Grimes.

A donor who irrevocably transfers life insurance to Bishop Grimes can claim income tax deductions for the policy’s cost basis or cash surrender value, whichever is less. The donor can never claim an income tax deduction or the policy’s face value.

Naming Bishop Grimes as the beneficiary on the policy is not sufficient to generate an income tax deduction for the donor because the donor can change the beneficiary at a later date. To be entitled to a deduction, the donor must make the organization both beneficiary and owner of the policy. Upon receiving a paid-up policy, the organization, as owner, can surrender it and obtain the cash value or keep the policy until
the death of the donor.


Donors can transfer their Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) directly to Bishop Grimes to reduce your adjusted gross income. This is beneficial to IRA owners over 70.5 that do not itemize deductions, thereby allowing donors to take advantage of a charitable contribution.

Thank you for supporting Bishop Grimes’ I’m Worth It Campaign. We truly appreciate your donation and philanthropic support of the school, our mission and values.

For more information on making a multi-year pledge commitment or a legacy gift, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at (315) 314-7157 ext. 2.

Bishop Grimes Annual Giving Societies
Trustees’ Circle $5,000 and up
Principal’s Circle $3,000- $4,999
1966 Founders Society $1,966-$2,999
Father St. Ange Society $500-$1,965
Friends of BG $250-$499
Blue and White Club $100-$249
Cobra Club $99 and under