A Letter from the Chairman of the Bishop Grimes Board of Trustees

June 24, 2020


The Bishop Grimes Board of Trustees is announcing that Mrs. Debra Brillante, our principal for this past year, has submitted her resignation effective July 31, 2020. Mrs. Brillante, in her resignation letter, has said that she has enjoyed her tenure at Bishop Grimes but that she has made this decision after much personal and  prayerful consideration and in concert with her family. We sincerely thank Mrs. Brillante for all of the initiatives that she and her team have begun over these last 12 months. We as a Board assure you that those initiatives, including but not limited to, our new AP Program and the new practices concerning discipline and decorum within Bishop Grimes will be continued.


The Board has already formed a search committee to find a highly qualified replacement. The committee includes representation from our Board, the Diocese, our Faculty, and our parents. Additionally, we are pleased to report that Pat Kinne, our assistant principal, has agreed to be the Acting Principal effective August 1, 2020. Pat’s acceptance of this position insures that we will have no loss of continuity in the initiatives that have been planned for next year. Pat has been an integral member of the team implementing our new AP program, and we as a Board are committed to continuing the efforts that Mrs. Brillante has been leading to achieve significant improvement in our students’ grades and learning experience.


On a more personal note, we as a Board and I personally would like to express our sincere gratitude to Debbie for giving us all of her energy, exuberance, knowledge, and creativity in what was a most difficult year. In spite of all the new COVID-19 regulations, the conversion to an expanded AP Program, the conversion to online learning, and many other changes Bishop Grimes faced, Debbie never faltered. She led our faculty and our students with all the energy she possessed. For our seniors Debbie arranged a graduation that, while different, was a beautiful experience. We as a Board and I personally wholeheartedly thank Debbie for everything she has done to improve Bishop Grimes. We sincerely hope, Debbie, that as you look back on your time with us that you know that the programs and initiatives you started have been and will continue to be impactful on many, many Bishop Grimes graduates for now and the future.


Henry W. Fust,

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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