Bishop Grimes’ Commitment to Our Community…

From the Bishop Grimes Board of Trustees, Faculty, and Staff


As a faith community, Bishop Grimes strives to be promoters of justice, seekers of peace, and evangelizers of the word of God to all those in need. We are appalled by the atrocity of George Floyd’s death and the countless racial injustices inherent in our communities. Racism is a sin that has no place in the world.

We stand in solidarity with members of the Black community and marginalized people around the world as well as in our own backyards. To strive for equality for all, Pope John Paul II defined solidarity as “not a feeling of vague compassion or shallow distress at the misfortunes of so many people… On the contrary, it is a firm and persevering determination to commit oneself to the common good.”1

The Bishop Grimes community acknowledges the need to listen more, learn more, and do more to promote a culture in which every person feels a sense of value and belonging. We are committed to educating ourselves and our students on how to live with compassion, integrity, and respect for all life and the diversity of our world.


1 Saint John Paul II, On Social Concern, in Catholic School Social Thought, number 38.

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