Midterm Exams Schedule Posted



The midterm exam schedule for Bishop Grimes Jr./Sr. High School has now been posted.

Please note that all school midterm exams will be given during classes. The exams will be broken down into smaller parts that students will take over the course of two days in most cases. (Please note that different parts will be taken on different days.) Students will not be dismissed early from school for midterm exams.

Students taking Regents exams will take the test in a separate location outside of their classroom on the given date and time.

Students with special needs and testing accommodations will work with our Resource teachers and Academic Support Services teachers to ensure that testing modifications and accommodations are properly maintained.

Please note that classes will not be in session on January 27. Only students taking the Regents in Algebra II (Common Core Learning Standards) are required to attend school for the duration of their exam. Upon concluding their exam on January 27, those students will be dismissed for the remainder of the day.

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