Informational and Policy Resources

Bishop Grimes Informational and Policy Resources contain useful information for all students.  Students and parents are encouraged to refer to the Student/Parent Handbook whenever they have a question.  While not exhaustive, the Student/Parent Handbook encompasses many facets of student life and policies at Bishop Grimes. Each student and parent are responsible for and accountable to its content and the policies or information found therein.

Each year, parents/guardians and students will receive information pertaining to the following documents – the Student/Parent Handbook, Academic Honesty Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Chromebook Use, and Publicity Release form. Each of these forms needs to be reviewed and returned signed to the Main Office. By returning these forms the enrolled student and parent/guardian acknowledge they have reviewed, understand, and accept the terms and conditions outlined in each of the documents.  Students will not be considered fully enrolled unless we receive signatures indicating that all parties understand and accept the terms and conditions outlined in each of the documents below