The Bishop Grimes Administration will decide to close the school due to snow, ice, or wind chill. Bishop Grimes will be announced by name on local television stations (WSYR, WSTM, WTVH, and Time Warner Cable News). If you do not see “Bishop Grimes” scrolling across the television, then the school is open. In addition to putting it on the local television stations, all families will receive a robo-call from Rediker informing families of the snow day. The Administration also frequently sends a text message and push notifications via the BG app. The closing will also be posted on the school’s Facebook page. The last means of contact is an e-mail blast alerting families to the closing.

Please be aware that if you see the message “Syracuse Catholic Schools Closed” scrolling, it means that the three Catholic elementary schools located within the Syracuse city limits (CAP, Blessed Sacrament, and Most Holy Rosary) are closed but this does NOT include Bishop Grimes. In addition, even if our “home” district (ESM) or one of our large feeder districts (Syracuse City and CNS) close, it does not guarantee that Bishop Grimes will close.


If the Bishop Grimes Administration decides that the start of school will be delayed, families will receive communication of this only via Rediker robo-call, text message, push notification via the BG app (if it has been downloaded to your mobile device), and an e-mail. The delay may also be announced on television for Bishop Grimes. If Bishop Grimes does delay, in order to accommodate districts that do not delay, as well as parents/guardians that need to drop their child/children off at their normal time, the school is open at its normal time (7:00 a.m.). Students are supervised in the cafeteria by the faculty and staff members of Bishop Grimes, and breakfast is available in the cafeteria. As students arrive, they remain in the cafeteria until 9:40 a.m. Homeroom begins at 9:50 a.m. at which time all students are expected to be present or the student will be marked tardy/absent following normal attendance procedures. After homeroom, students follow an abbreviated schedule, found in the Student Planner, in which they will attend all of their classes.


If Bishop Grimes is open but the student’s public district of residence is closed or delayed and therefore not providing transportation, it is the expectation of the administration that the student will be present for classes if it is possible for you to get him/her to school and roads are passable. However, in weather related closings or delays when districts do not provide transportation and it is not possible for you to bring your student to Bishop Grimes, students are excused.

In the event that Bishop Grimes is open but your home school district is delayed or closed, please be sure to call the Attendance Office (463-8917) in order to ensure that the school knows that your student is safely home with you. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact the Main Office (437-0356) or Attendance Office (463-8917).