Student Council

Applications for students wishing to be a member of Student Council’s Executive Committee or a Class Officer are available by clicking here! 

2019-2020 Student Council Members

Student Council Executive Committee

  • President: Anthony Falgiatano
  • Vice-President: Nico Perez

Moderator: Mr. Gregory

Class of 2020, Seniors

  • Co-President: Rhonee Shea Pal
  • Co-President: McKenna Squier

Moderators: Mrs. Kinne & Ms. Nolan

Class of 2021, Juniors

  • President: Andrew Rabbia
  • Vice-President: Robbie Finger
  • Representative Melinda Brancato
  • Representative Noelle Card
  • Representative Olivia Coppola
  • Representative Nell DeChick
  • Representative J’Naia Stepp

Moderator: Mrs. Moss

Class of 2022, Sophomores

  • President: Katherine Murphy
  • Vice-President: Nathan Schultz
  • Representative Abigail Docos
  • Representative Bella Macro
  • Representative Zora Skowronski

Moderator: Mrs. Gunn

Class of 2023, Freshmen

  • President: Victoria Coppola
  • Vice-President: Hannah Kinne
  • Representative Marissa Beitz
  • Representative Jaidyn Crite

Moderator: Ms. Howe

Class of 2024, 8th Grade

  • President: Edy Livingston
  • Vice-President: Lorena Llanos

Moderator: Mr. Kinne

Class of 2025, 7th Grade

  • TBD

Moderator: Mr. Kammerer